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Holistic Efforts at Limiting Preventable Sicknesses (H.E.L.P.S) is a primary care medical clinic located in the great city of Gary Indiana. Our mission is to eliminate health disparities and preventable diseases among the medically uninsured adults of Gary, Indiana by providing free primary healthcare to qualified individuals. Many of the major illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease that people encounter are preventable. Yes! Preventable. We are confident that this clinic will be successful because our focus will include the “whole man” (spirit, soul and body).

The HELPs clinic will have the potential to serve up to 11,000 clients. Currently 38% of Gary Indiana are in poverty according to the census report. Some of these clients are eligible to be enrolled in an entitlement program such as Medicaid however, due to income guidelines and household size, many others would not qualify for Medicaid. These residents that do not qualify for Medicaid have the option to either buy healthcare insurance, gain medical insurance from employment or remain uninsured.

Currently there is a 10.2% unemployment rate in Gary, Indiana. If the residents do not have steady income, they cannot afford to buy health insurance. Due to this lack of health insurance many diseases, that are preventable, are left untreated. Also, these potential clients will utilize the hospital’s emergency room as their source of primary health care. This type of health care maintenance can cost hospitals millions of dollars. This will give HELPs clinic the opportunity to care for these individuals that lack healthcare insurance. No longer will a client have to utilize the emergency room for non emergent problems. Our clinic will focus on the whole man, rendering our client the greatest potential to be in whole health. Our service also would take the financial strain off of local hospitals, allowing the Emergency room to focus on urgent and emergent cases. here to edit your description